Adult parody miscasts, adult talent marketing through social networking, the Urban X Awards & more tips on avoiding middle-men as a webcam model!

Posted on July 5, 2010


Monica Foster at HomeToday was “Miscast Monday” and I discuss my thoughts on what I feel to be casting blunders in the upcoming porn parody “Sex in the City – In search of the Screaming O” from DreamZone entertainment.  I question why adult industry star Sara Jessie was not cast as “Carrie” (in my opinion this may possibly be one of the biggest adult parody miscasts of the year).

I also discuss The Urban X Awards and the performer of the year nominees.

Later I outline avoiding “middle-men” who work under the guise of “webcam model agents” and “webcam studios” when beginning your career as a webcam model, and how to sign up with the webcam networks such as directly.

Lastly, I answer a few questions from the live viewers and chatters at the end of the broadcast.

Watch the broadcast on Youtube! Part1

Watch the broadcast on Youtube! Part2

Watch the broadcast on Youtube! Part3

“Sex in the City – In search of the screaming O”

Box Cover with Sunny Lane and Monique Alexander

Sarah Jessie

The woman who was obviously

overlooked for this movie.