Capri Anderson & Charlie Sheen – Montana Fishburne is back – Live Viewer Calls & more!

Posted on November 26, 2010


Monica Foster with her friend and co-host Steven

Monica Foster discusses (with her friend Steven) entertainment industry news items on Capri Anderson , Charlie Sheen and Montana Fishburne.

Monica touches on Desire Street Production’s newest ethnic themed movie

Monica Foster also discusses adult industry male crossover talent Christian XXX ‘s detachment from the current economic reality in regards to how he looks down on women who live independently in Studio or One Bedroom apartments rather than in places of which they can’t afford or model houses.

Toward the end of the broadcast Monica takes a viewer call live on the air!

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Capri Anderson Sue Charlie Sheen –

Montana Fishburne gets breast implants and vaginal rejuvination since being released from psychological treatment for her CONTINUED career in porn.

Crossover (bisexual) pornstar (specifically within the transexual porn circuit) Christian XXX gives the impression that he looks down upon adult and mainstream actors and actresses who live within their means and/or on a budget (see comments 66 and 74).

Capri Anderson on ABC’s Nightline – Darrah

Is Denise Richards black?

Charlie Sheen and his “Nigger” rants