Monica Foster interviews Tucker Slain

Posted on September 8, 2011


Monica Foster interviews Tucker SlainMonica Foster of, interviews pornstar Tucker Slain in effort to gets to the root of some recent issues within the porn and adult entertainment industry.

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This video piece begins with footage of the Tucker Slain / Daisy Dare / Kenny webshows (footage provided by Marc / MarcFromTheDark ). Monica then interviews Tucker and he relates his experiences, thoughts and observations in regards to the very serious MarcFromTheDark vs Daisy Dare allegations  (watch the broadcasts about these allegations including the accused parties by clicking here).

Then Tucker Slain goes on to share his experiences and thoughts with pornstars Chad Diamond, Alana Evans and her husband Chris, Grace Evangeline, Beverly Paige, Scarlett Fey, Kendra Secrets, ChristianXXX, and the late Hunter Bryce.

Tucker Slain discusses his involvement with the August 2011 HIV case in the porn industry of which initially a performer allegedly tested positive, but has since tested negative.

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Tucker also shares how he hopes that porn legend Tabitha Stevens does not believe what Alana Evans has been stating in regards to him, as he greatly admires and hopes to someday work with Tabitha.
Tucker Slain explains how his goal is not to be a pornstar – but rather a musician in time, however while he is in porn he will strive to be as professional and considerate as possible being that he loves being a part of the industry not just as a performer, but as a webcam model, entrepreneur and driver for performers without vehicles.

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(side note: I have additional “Tucker Slain thoughts” that I will be editing together in the future in another video. Due to this video already being very long I had to leave them out).