Viewer Emails on Racism & old white guys with small penises

Posted on October 6, 2011


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In the wake of Steve Jobs passing on, Monica Foster takes the time to respond to a viewer email inquiring as to the level of racism in porn as it pertains to black (African American) women.

Monica also touches on a new organization called the Adult Performers Association (founded by Nica Noelle of Sweet Sinner Studios and January Seraph) of which she’ll go into detail about on a later broadcast.

Monica also explains why she no longer associates herself with the porn industry (though she’ll continue to promote the 1% of adult entertainment professionals of which she still has faith in) – especially since the director of Not the Cosbys XXX 1 and 2 has suggested that she kill herself (commit suicide) and since many in the industry are supporting this same director in his effort to create a porn based on the Civil War (complete with plantation owners possibly raping slaves).

Monica concludes the broadcast with her thoughts on why she feels the root of many issues in the world stem from old white men with small penises.