Christian Pornstar Edition 01 – Pornstars, God, Jesus & the Light

Posted on November 7, 2011


Monica Foster at Home - Christian Pornstar Broadcast 01On this edition of Monica @ Home – Christian Pornstar Edition – I discuss how and why adult entertainers should develop and maintain a strong relationship with God, Jesus and/or a higher power of the light.

I discuss how and why “professionals” within the Los Angeles porn circuit attempt to use guilt, despair, intimidation and shame to separate adult performers from their core spiritual being and the presence of Satanism within the porn industry.

I discuss how the porn industry is very aware of God and the Bible and how in my view many professionals within the industry go as far as to mock God’s word. I relate my views as to how the Free Speech Coalition ( FSC ) seems to void everything they supposedly stand for by supporting the harassment and bashing of Anti-Porn activist Shelley Lubben.

At the end of my broadcast, I share my thoughts on how adult entertainers are good enough for God, and how having a strong spiritual foundation makes a departure from the adult entertainment world much less difficult.

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