Monica Foster of Christian Pornstar – Syphilis, Mr. Marcus, Paul Ryan, Deneeta Pope & Racism

Posted on September 2, 2012


Monica Foster hosts another Christian Pornstar webcast of which she discusses with her live audience the current status of the Los Angeles porn industry Syphilis outbreak, Mr Marcus (who is at the center of the Syphilis issue), porn professionals taking responsibility for their actions, racism in the los angeles porn industry, racism in politics ( Paul Ryan unjustifiably opening a door of severe public scrutiny to private citizen Deneeta Pope who happens to be Black / African-American) and lastly discusses Diane Duke – president of the Free Speech Coalition who was just elected as FSC CEO for another 3 years.
Monica Foster concludes with her findings as to Morality In Media’s essential theft of Desi Foxx’s sex trafficking research (they have failed to give her credit for her hard work) and a prayer for those in and/or leaving the Los Angeles porn industry.