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“Crossover” porn actors need to be honest! – Tyra Banks prepping models to become pornstars? – Porn parodies…who’s got dibs on what? – The kids from Glee strip for GQ!

October 22, 2010


Monica Foster discusses recent adult entertainment event cancellations in wake of the porn actor who tested positive for HIV along with her thoughts on gay and bi-sexual pornstars who may “cross over” and work on the straight side of porn. Monica also discusses porn parodies (mainly what studio has “dibs” on what), Zoe Voss (a […]

How HIV & STD testing should change – Being honest as a porn talent, agent & studio – How HIV in porn is not a gay issue.

October 18, 2010


Tonight was the first installment Monica Foster’s week long 3 part series in regards to: How STD testing (specifically for HIV) could benefit from a few minute changes. How talents, agents and studios should all be more honest. How HIV in porn is not an African-American, Interracial, or Gay (homosexual) issue. How condoms need to […]

Pornstar tests HIV positive UPDATE – Making condoms mandatory in porn is NECESSARY

October 15, 2010


On tonight’s broadcast of , Monica Foster gives a recap on the current news story about the pornstar who recently tested positive for HIV which has led to a virtual porn industry shutdown. Monica Foster discusses why she feels it would be a good idea to implement condoms on a mandatory basis in porn […]

Los Angeles, California pornstar / porn actor tests positive for HIV – several others quarantined.

October 13, 2010


Monica Foster does a Special Report of Monica At Home on the todays October 12, 2010 national news story regarding a pornstar / porn actor who recently tested positive for HIV in the Los Angeles, California porn industry. Monica discusses how key individuals in the porn industry don’t seem to realize that the incubation of […]

Optimizing your website for the Ipad, retaining control of your website independent of “boyfriends” & the “pornstar fame formula”

October 8, 2010


Monica Foster discusses optimizing your website (adult or mainstream websites) for the Ipad and other new touchscreen devices, being cautious when dating men who hover around the perimeter of the porn industry and the importance of maintaining control of your own website, how much money to realistically expect to earn when starting as a webcam […]

Declining roles, adult parodies versus original storylines, Epassporte going out of business & Theo Theodoridis

October 6, 2010


Monica Foster discusses declining a role in an upcoming adult film and gives her thoughts on adult parodies she feels should be made (such as parodies of “Queen of the Damned” and “Romeo Must Die”). Monica Foster also shares thoughts on “original storylines” versus “parodies” in the adult movie world, current adult entertainment news and […]

Epassporte shutting down, Tiger Woods IN a sex tape & Theo Theodoridis in trouble

October 4, 2010


Tonight I discuss shutting down, the upcoming X-Play Halloween party on October 30th, This Ain’t Avatar XXX, the possible upcoming release of an actual Tiger Wood’s Sex tape on October 20th, the upcoming Google TV, Asia Carrera’s final blog post (at least for a while), and male supermodel Teo Teodoridis and how he needs […]