Browsing All Posts published on »January, 2012« – A Dykstra update, Ray Lewis baby momma drama, Kevin Federline has health issues and is still overweight, and the FBI had to take down the University of San Diego

January 25, 2012


Today on DEOsports Monica Foster discusses Lenny Dykstra’s recent sentencing extension which was granted due to his participation in a drug and alcohol program, Ray Lewis’s apprehension of his “baby momma” having control of his child support payments, pornstar Tori Black and Dynomite Dolomite’s (aka Lyndell Anderson) most recent physical altercation at the AVNs in […]

Los Angeles enforces mandatory condom usage for the porn industry, Steve Hirsch offers porn deal to woman with 2 vaginas, Playboy targeting BARELY LEGAL mainstream actresses & more!

January 15, 2012


Monica Foster on January 13th spoke about why condoms need to be required for the Los Angeles porn industry – reason being the rapid spread of a new SUPER strain of gonorrhea. As of January 17th the LA city council passed a vote making condoms 100% mandatory for the los angeles porn industry. January 15 […]

Monica Foster hosts Dykstra’s Escort on Sports –

January 11, 2012


Today on Monica Foster discusses Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt prepping for the olympics, Republican party primary candidates (notably Rick Santorum) taking an anti-porn (pornography) stance, Monica touches on Tim Teebow and how he’s recently received a major endorsement by Stone Cold Steve Austin and allegedly Katy Perry’s mom! Monica concludes the broadcast with an update on […]

Monica at Home Christian Pornstar Edition – the porn industry is recruiting highschool students!

January 8, 2012


Enjoy the latest broadcast of Monica Foster at Home Christian Pornstar Edition Monica Foster discusses sex addiction and how to combat the issue. She also explains why the government is stepping in to take control porn industry at this stage being that porn has become the equivalent of a psychological drugs for much of the […]

Christian Pornstar January 1st 2012 featuring Monica Foster

January 3, 2012


Ex-pornstar and Anti-Porn Activist Monica Foster discusses why the porn industry is to dangerous and detrimental to consider as a viable “industry” or profession. Monica discusses the Free Speech Coalition and Manwin’s involvement in putting pornographic sex toys in close proximity to children via a recent corporate deal between the Screaming O adult novelty company […]