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Monica Foster discusses Charlie Sheen , Lenny Dykstra , CBS & gives advice on entering Porn

February 26, 2011


Monica Foster discusses the latest developments in the Carlie Sheen / Kacey Jordan saga along with his most recent public acknowledgment of his personal and professional relationship with Lenny Dykstra. Monica shares how Lenny Dykstra’s influence in Charlie Sheen’s life may have been what led to CBS finally pulling the plug on the show 2 […]

Porn News , The Raw Food Diet, Abortion Federal Funding Cuts and People too lazy to Tweet

February 23, 2011


Monica Foster discusses her her current transition into the raw food diet via becoming a vegan first, along with her decision to move into the arena of health, fitness, and wellness professionally. Later in the broadcast Monica Foster discusses how she feels it’s false marketing for celebrities and entertainers not to run their own twitter […]

Sasha Gray in an Eminem video, Porn wins at Cambridge & James Jamesson speaks

February 18, 2011


Monica Foster discusses adult entertainment and porn industry news gossip and more. Monica Foster discusses Sasha Gray in the new Eminem music video Space Bound. Monica also discusses the recent debate at the Cambridge University debate Union between Shelley Lubben , Anna Span and many other porn industry professionals. Monica also shares the backstory on […]

A possible XXX conspiracy: Charlie Sheen and Kacey Jordan

February 2, 2011


Maybe I enjoy The X-files and conspiracy theories a bit too much, but is it possible that there’s a bit more to the Charlie Sheen and Kacey Jordan news item than meets the eye? Join me, Monica Foster, as I boldly take you into the world of porn and adult entertainment that not many other’s […]